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Must-Have Outdoor Power Tools for Home Improvement and Yardwork

Over the years, I’ve put together an arsenal of outdoor power tools that help me take care of my lawn and gardens, as well as complete bigger renovation and repair jobs on my property. Here are some of my must-have tools:

My Trusty Lawn Mower

As someone with a medium-sized yard, I rely on a self-propelled walk-behind mower to keep my grass neatly maintained. I chose a mower with a 21-inch cutting deck, which I find provides the right balance of maneuverability and wider cutting width to get the job done faster. The self-propelled rear-wheel drive takes most of the pushing effort out of mowing my hilly lawn. Multiple speed options also allow me to adjust my pace.

Outdoor Power Tools

I also appreciate that my mower has a side discharge chute, so clippings aren’t left on the lawn. And the Briggs & Stratton engine consistently starts right up with minimal maintenance required. I make sure to regularly sharpen the blade and change the oil to keep it performing its best. In future, I may consider investing in a riding mower if I move to a larger property.

Weed Whacker for Perfect Edges

There’s nothing that makes a lawn look more polished than crisp, clean edges. That’s where my gas-powered weed whacker comes in handy. The curved shaft makes it easy to trim grass and weeds around gardens, landscaping and other tight spots in my yard. And the tap-to-advance cutting head feeds out fresh trimmer lines, so I don’t have to stop manually feeding more.

Outdoor Power Tools

I use the weed whacker about once a week in peak growing season to keep my lawn looking sharp. The engine provides plenty of power and balanced weight distribution, so I can whack weeds efficiently without wearing myself out. This is one tool I always have by my side for yardwork.

Handheld Leaf Blower for Quick Cleanup

As someone whose yard is filled with mature trees, leaves are a big nuisance in autumn. My handheld gas leaf blower makes quick work of collecting fallen leaves into piles for removal. The concentrated air power easily clears leaves off my patio, walkways and lawn.

Outdoor Power Tools

I chose this style for its maneuverability and ease of use. The blower tube adjusts to control the direction of air flow. Cruise control on the handle helps reduce fatigue during longer tasks. And starting it up is simple with the push primer bulb and auto-choke. No more spending hours sweeping and raking huge piles of leaves each fall!

Pressure Washer for Outdoor Cleaning Jobs

My electric pressure washer is my go-to for washing down siding, outdoor furniture, my deck and more around the house. I use it to prep my deck for re-sealing each summer by blasting off the old finish and built-up dirt. The 2000 PSI has enough cleaning power to tackle most medium-duty outdoor cleaning tasks.

Outdoor Power Tools

I appreciate that this pressure washer is electric rather than gas-powered. The 35-foot power cord allows me to access water spigots around my entire house. It’s lighter weight than a gas model, making it easier for me to maneuver. And setup each time only takes a few minutes. Pressure washing is so much faster than scrubbing everything by hand. It restores my outdoor living spaces to like-new conditions.

Pole Saw for Trimming Tall Branches

Maintaining the trees in my yard requires a pole saw to safely trim high branches. I use my electric pole saw about twice a year to keep tree limbs from growing onto my roof or hanging too low over walkways. The 10-foot fiberglass extension pole provides enough overhead reach to access branches on my two-story home.

Outdoor Power Tools

I find the automatic oiler is convenient since it ensures the saw chain stays lubricated while in use. The pruner attachment allows me to also use this tool to prune thicker shrub branches within reach. And I appreciate that it’s light enough for me to operate it solo. Trimming high branches has never been easier or safer thanks to my handy pole saw.

Splitting Axes for Processing Firewood

As someone who heats partially with a wood-burning stove, I rely on my axes for splitting firewood. I use a traditional splitting maul axe to split medium-sized logs with a few swings. The wedge-shaped heavy-duty steel head combined with the leveraged handle generates enough force to easily crack logs.

Outdoor Power Tools

For especially tough logs, or when I’m making kindling, I switch to my hydraulic log splitter. This powered tool makes quick work of even the most knotted logs. I just place the log on the beam, pull the handle to engage the wedge, and let the hydraulic cylinder split the wood with a satisfying crack! Between my two trusty axes, I can process firewood more efficiently.

Oscillating Multi-Tools for Renovations

Finally, my oscillating multi-tool is my renovator’s best friend! I use this versatile power tool for all kinds of home improvement tasks. The quick change blade system allows me to swap out blades for cutting, sanding, grinding, scraping and more. Some of my go-to uses are removing old caulking, fitting pipes through studs, sanding tight areas and freeing stuck components by cutting bolts.

Outdoor Power Tools

I love that the compact size allows me to get into tight spaces. And the variable speed control lets me match the blade speed to the material I’m working on. This tool has proven handy for so many DIY projects around my home. I don’t know how I ever completed renovations without it!

Having the right selection of outdoor power tools has been key for me as a homeowner who takes care of my own landscaping and home repairs. Investing in quality equipment designed for my needs allows me to keep my yard maintained beautifully and update my house over time. I hope these reviews of my must-have tools provide helpful insight for selecting additions to your outdoor power tool arsenal. The right tools can make all the difference in successfully and efficiently tackling outdoor home projects independently.

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