How to Clean Every Room

How to Clean Every Room in Your House Thoroughly

Keeping your home clean and tidy is an important part of maintaining a healthy household. But sometimes it can be hard to find the time for a thorough, deep-clean of every room. Here are some tips and tricks to deep clean each room in your house from top to bottom.


The kitchen is often the hub of activity in a home, and it can easily get grimy. Give your kitchen a deep clean with these steps:

  • Clean Inside Cabinets and Drawers: Remove everything from your cabinets and drawers and wipe down the inside surfaces with a multi-surface cleaner. Use a small vacuum attachment to clean out crumbs or dust that have accumulated in corners. Also wipe down the outside of cabinets.
  • Wash Range Hood Filter: Remove the filter from under your range hood and soak it in hot, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly before putting it back. Scrub the range hood itself to remove grease buildup.
  • Clean Small Appliances: Your coffee maker, toaster oven, air fryer and other small appliances can get grimy over time. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to keep these items fresh. Run empty brew cycles with vinegar on coffee makers.
  • Clean the Fridge: Take everything out and wipe down interior surfaces with a disinfecting cleaner. Don’t forget the rubber gasket around the door. Toss out expired condiments and wipe down shelves. Clean fruit and veggie bins.
  • Clean Behind Appliances: Pull refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers out from the wall to clean behind them. Vacuum up dust bunnies and debris with an attachment.
  • Wash Trash Can: Use soap and hot water to wash out the kitchen trash can and eliminate odors. Place it in the sun to dry fully.
  • Scrub the Sink: Use a soft scrub cleaner and an old toothbrush to clean stains in the kitchen sink. For really tough gunk, make a paste with baking soda and lemon juice. Rinse and dry completely.
  • Clean Faucets: Remove limescale and water spots from faucets using white vinegar or a stainless steel cleaner. Shine up faucets until they gleam.
  • Mop Floor: Sweep first, then mop using a cleaning solution suited for tile or linoleum floors. Let air dry completely before walking on the floor. Get into corners and don’t forget the pantry floor!
How to Clean Every Room


Bathrooms harbor all kinds of dirt and bacteria. Disinfect every surface with these tips:

  • Clean Shower Head: Remove shower head and soak in a 1:1 vinegar and water solution. Rinse and replace. This will remove hard water buildup.
  • Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan: Unscrew the cover and soak it in soapy water if needed. Dust fan blades and the vent opening.
  • Scrub Tile Grout: Use a specialized grout brush and grout cleaner to scrub the grout lines between tiles. Let sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. Re-caulk if the grout is missing.
  • Disinfect All Surfaces: Wipe down sink, toilet, tub and shower walls with a disinfecting cleaner or a DIY vinegar solution. Don’t forget the doorknobs!
  • Clean Mirrors and Glass: Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray glass and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth. Get streak-free windows.
  • Refresh Towels: Wash bath towels in hot water to eliminate musty smells. Replace any towels that are worn out. Consider using white vinegar in the rinse cycle.
  • Clean Under the Sink: Remove everything from under the bathroom sink and clean the cabinet interior with a multi-surface spray. Toss expired products.
  • Scrub the Toilet: Use a pumice stone toilet brush and an all-purpose cleaner to scrub toilet bowl stains. Clean the exterior too.
  • Dust Ledges and Shelves: Dust bathroom windowsills, ledges, mirror frames and shelves. Don’t forget ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Take Out Trash: Empty bathroom wastebaskets and disinfect the trash cans with hot soapy water or diluted vinegar solution.
How to Clean Every Room


Bedrooms accumulate dust and allergens quickly. Give this personal space a deep clean:

  • Vacuum and Flip Mattress: Vacuum both sides of the mattress first, then flip or rotate it. This helps extend mattress lifespan.
  • Wash Bedding: Wash sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and any other bedding in hot water to kill dust mites. Add borax or baking soda for extra freshening power.
  • Clean Under the Bed: Pull out the bed and vacuum underneath using attachments. Wipe down any dust and debris you find under the bed.
  • Clean Nightstands: Empty and wipe out nightstands. Clean lamps by wiping down bases and using a small duster to clean lamp shades.
  • Dust: Use a microfiber cloth to dust furniture, lamp shades, windowsills, ceiling fans and the tops of door frames. Get into corners.
  • Shampoo Carpets: Rent a carpet shampooer and thoroughly clean carpets, area rugs and carpeted closets. Let dry completely before walking on them.
  • Launder Curtains: Take down any curtains and place them in the washing machine, or bring to the dry cleaner. Rehang them freshly pressed.
  • Freshen Mattress: Sprinkle baking soda over the mattress and let sit for a few hours before vacuuming up. This will absorb odors.
How to Clean Every Room

Living Spaces

Lounging spaces like living rooms can harbor deep-set grime. Make them shine again:

  • Clean Electronics: Unplug electronics like TVs and game consoles. Use disinfecting wipes to gently clean screens and wipe down outer surfaces.
  • Fluff Furniture: Fluff up couch and chair cushions. Vacuum under cushions and in crevices using a handheld attachment. Flip cushions regularly.
  • Clean Under Furniture: Lift furniture legs and vacuum beneath couches, chairs, tables, entertainment consoles. Remove dust and debris.
  • Dust Shelves and Surfaces: Carefully dust books, shelves, media consoles and coffee tables. Use glass cleaner on glass surfaces.
  • Clean Walls and Baseboards: Spot clean walls with mild soap and water. Use a small brush or cloth to clean baseboard trim.
  • Shampoo Carpets: Rent a carpet shampooer and thoroughly clean carpets and area rugs. Let dry completely before walking on them.
  • Wash Throw Pillow Covers: Remove covers from decorative pillows and throw pillows and wash in the washing machine. Replace inserts if needed.
  • Clean Ceiling Fans: Use a stepladder and vacuum cleaner attachment to remove dust from ceiling fan blades. Wipe blades with a cloth and cleaner.

Garage and Basement

Garages and basements are prone to dampness and pests. Give these spaces some TLC:

  • Sweep Floor: Sweep garage and basement floors thoroughly. Mop any concrete floors with a diluted vinegar solution to sanitize.
  • Check for Leaks: Inspect basement walls and floor for any signs of moisture or leaks. Call a plumber immediately if any leaks are found.
  • Discard Junk: Go through stacks of boxes, tools or other items in storage. Discard anything you no longer need to clear clutter.
  • Clean and Organize: Wipe down garage cabinets and shelves. Use shelf liner to keep surfaces clean. Organize and neatly label containers.
  • Prevent Pests: Seal any cracks or holes that could allow pests to enter. Place sticky traps in corners to catch insects and monitor for signs of rodents.
  • Dust Cobwebs: Use an extendable duster to remove cobwebs from garage rafters and basement ceilings. Vacuum up webs.
  • Clean Windows: Wipe garage windows clean using a vinegar-water solution. Clean window wells outside basement windows.
  • Check Foundation: Inspect the foundation walls for any cracks or signs of water damage. Seal cracks with caulk.
How to Clean Every Room

Outdoor Spaces

Don’t neglect outdoor spaces when doing a whole house clean.

  • Pressure Wash: Rent a pressure washer to clean outdoor surfaces like siding, decks, patios and sidewalks. Let dry fully before using spaces.
  • Clean Patio Furniture: Use a hose, scrub brush and a cleaning solution to remove grime and mildew from outdoor chairs and tables. Let dry in the sun.
  • Clean Gutters: Use a small trowel or scooper to remove leaves and debris from rain gutters. Flush with a hose. Install gutter guards.
  • Trim Bushes and Trees: Prune any overgrown trees or bushes. Rake up fallen leaves and branches. Compost or dispose of yard waste properly.
  • Weed and Mulch: Pull any weeds from flowerbeds, gardens, lawn and rock beds. Apply a fresh layer of mulch over soil to inhibit new weeds.
  • Sweep Areas: Sweep debris off porches, decks, sidewalks and driveway. Use a small wire brush for stuck on grime.
  • Clean Outdoor Furniture: Wipe down outdoor chairs, tables, umbrellas and cushions before storing for the winter months. Cover furniture.
  • Drain Hoses: Disconnect hoses from spigots, drain and neatly coil them to store for winter. Cover spigots.
  • Clean Grill: Do a deep clean of your outdoor grill by scrubbing grates, burners and the interior. Remove grease buildup.
How to Clean Every Room

Doing a deep clean of your entire home may seem daunting. But take it step-by-step, room-by-room, and you can have everything clean, fresh and sanitized in no time! Tackle the dirtiest spaces first, and be sure to do seasonal outdoor cleaning as well. Enjoy your clean abode.


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